Honor an American Hero

This was posted on Seal of Honor's Facebook page.

As promised... I just walked into a local pub (PUB 25, Newtown, CT) and asked to speak with the Owner/Manager. I asked if I could leave a cold one on the bar for Michael all day . I showed him the "Reserved" sign I made and explained I wanted to leave him sufficient funds to buy a random person a Guinness every hour today, and that when the surprised patron asks him "Who is this from?" he should reply: "It's from LT Michael P. Murphy." and point to the reserved sign. The Owner/Manager was so in tune with this small gesture, he refused my money, introduced me to two men working in the PUB who just returned home from Afghanistan and Iraq with the ASSURANCE that my request on Michael's behalf would be honored. God Bless America!

Honor an American Hero!!

Sara Tucholsky's Home Run

Two opposing players help injured Sara get her first home run.  See what happened that cause the crowd to stand on their feet and cheer!

Sara will be telling her kids about this story.

Part Speed, Part Stamina, All HEART- Meghan Vogel

"Meghan Vogel had just run the race of her life... what people there that day will remember won't be her win, but the race in which she finished last."

Follow Ian McMillan's Example

12 year old Ian McMillan and his lesson to us all!  I'm go glad he was praised for his Act of Kindness.

Strangers Help a Young Disabled Man See Blake Shelton's Concert

Patrick Connelly started crying because he couldn't see Blake Shelton's Concert.  Patrick's mom and sister tried to hold him up, but Patrick was too heavy and couldn't continue to hold him.  You'll be amazed to see that happens next!  


From their website:  MicroGiving is an online fundraising website that lets you create your own fundraiser. Raise money online easily with a personal fundraising page. Browse fundraisers, read our fundraising ideas, tips and advice to learn how to raise money online. MicroGiving is for anyone.

Free Hugs Campaign

Some time ago I posted about Free Hugs Campaign that was started by Juan Mann in 2004.  If you've never heard of it, watch the video...

Wonderful things have transpired from the original campaign.  Juan Mann would like to tell you about the Free Hugs Campaign's new initiatives.

Pass this on
...and hug a stranger!

Katie Davis- Amazima Ministries

Meet Katie Davis

a 21 year old who has dedicated her life to helping feed starving and orphaned children in Uganda, but she feeds so much more in the lives of these beautiful souls.  I just "happened" (smile) across her video while surfing the web.  I'm so glad I did- in order to share it with you.  

Watch Katie's story.  

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Consider buying her book...today.

Ample Harvest

While 49 million Americans are hungry or at real risk of being hungry, more than 40 million Americans grow food in home gardens – often more than they can use, preserve or give to friends. To address this, the AmpleHarvest.org Campaign, created in May 2009 by CNN Hero Gary Oppenheimer, diminishes hunger in America by enabling more than 2,600 food pantries across all 50 states to receive this excess garden bounty from local growers. By replacing the salt or sugar laden canned produce usually available at food pantries, the donated garden produce not only feeds the hungry families, it provides for a healthier diet (with reduced long term health care expenditures), it lowers the carbon footprint of the food while also reducing the environmental impact of wasted food.

To support Ample Harvest visit their website at:

Operation Smile

Throughout the world, Operation Smile volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families.

Together, they create smiles, change lives and heal humanity.  Please consider giving to ...

Arifase Before and After Surgery

Watch Arifase's Story

The Power of ONE!!

Katie Spotz, Rowing for Clean Water.
Katie Spotz gets my vote this month for Nice People doing Nice Things.

Do you doubt the power of one? I certaintly have, but Kattie Spotz, a 22 year old from a small town in Ohio, is driven by extreme challenges. On January 1st 2010, Katie left the coast of Africa in her one-woman rowboat headed to Guyana, over 2.500 miles away, to raise money for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, a non-profit that brings global communities together to provide safe drinking water to billions of people arond the world in need. After 3 months at sea, Katie's vision and commitment to making a difference in the world has not ended. Read Katie's story here.

The Egbar Foundation

The EGBAR Foundation is a vehicle for change. It's primary function: To create an appreciably cleaner environment by instilling in young people throughout the world, the importance of "Making a Difference", one park, one neighborhood, one community at a time.

Doctors Without Borders

Doctors and nurses volunteer to provide urgent medical care in countries to victims of war and disaster regardless of race, religion, or politics.

Aperture Foundation

The not-for-profit arts institution dedicated to advancing fine photography, publishing a magazine and books, presenting a diverse selection of photographs and texts.